About Us


Volbirch® offers more than 15 years of experience in producing and supplying VOLOGDA® Birch plywood from our mill in Vologda

We have been producing quality birch plywood at our family-owned Vologda factory from sustainably managed forests for over 15 years, making the most of our top-notch machinery (continuous peeling and drying lines from RAUTE (Finland), clipping lines from Schelling and Holzmann (Germany), surfacing-and-jointing equipment from Hashimoto (Japan), and sanding machines from Steinemann (Germany)) and skills passed down from generation to generation to minimise waste.


Launching in 2021

Handmade in Vologda architectural furniture components

Inspired by clean architectural lines, we have collaborated with a leading London furniture design studio to curate a collection of modern classic architectural furniture components.

We combine technical expertise with the finest natural ingredients.

Our factory is made up of generations of craftsmen and women, from the mother and daughter and father and son manufacturing teams, to the plywood technicians who have been perfecting their craft for decades.

The natural materials used in our furniture components come from renewable resources and are fully biodegradable. We make our furniture components by hand in Vologda to minimise our carbon footprint.

All our timber comes from responsibly managed forests, because naturally we want the best for our customers and the environment.