Volbirch® offers more than 15 years of experience in producing and supplying Russian Birch plywood from our mills in Russia.

Since 2005, our Group has carved out an international position in the plywood products market by meeting the demand for high quality materials at competitive prices. The focus of Volbirch® is to represent our production in the European and North American markets. Below are some of the advantages of working with us:

CONSISTENT SUPPLY DIRECTLY FROM OUR MILL We are one of the largest plywood producers and suppliers in Russia which means we are in a position to ensure stability in our quality while maintaining consistent supply. We produce over 80,000 m3 of wood board annually.

EUROPEAN CUSTOMER SERVICE Our dedicated English, French and Russian speaking sales manager is here to help you with your application and delivery needs and will ensure quick response to requests, purchase portfolio planning, order status monitoring, and provide information about special offers.

CONVENIENT LOGISTICS We conveniently maintain large volumes of plywood products in our warehouse location situated in Vologda region and are set up to offer just in time deliveries from these location. We offer full truckload/shipping container delivery delivered to your facility. 

Our warehouse facilities are strategically located to offer just in time shipments to any area of the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, and the United States. We strive to offer every option of thickness, grade, and dimension made available in Russian birch, from our warehouse inventory, in order to reduce lead times to your facility. Our sales managers are based in London, UK and our sales managers speak English, French and Russian.

​EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS We continuously strive to enhance our products through innovation, and build on our relationships with customers, through exceptional service and ethical business practices. Our environmentally compliant VOLOGDA® BIRCH PLYWOOD and VOLOGDA® BIRCH LATOFLEX panels are urea formaldehyde free and meet the 2010 California Air Resource Board Phase II requirements, currently the most stringent emissions regulations in the world. Our skilled workers who have learned their craft from family tradition take personal pride in ensuring that our products meet or exceed Russian and international grading standards. We use the most advanced equipment and precision instruments available on the market, such as continuous peeling and drying lines from RAUTE (Finland), clipping lines from Schelling and Holzmann (Germany), surfacing-and-jointing equipment from Hashimoto (Japan), and sanding machines from Steinemann (Switzerland).​

COMMITMENT TO BEST PRACTICES Russia currently has more forest area than any other country in the world, and the second largest amount of FSC® certified forest in the world. Our mills are located in regions that are naturally rich in the highest quality birch woods. We have made a commitment to ensure that the products we offer are harvested in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. ​

SUSTAINABILITY Our mill in Russia are on the leading edge of an important safety matter – excessive Formaldehyde emissions from plywood products, and are certified as CARB (California Air Resource Board) Phase 2, in regards to formaldehyde emissions for sale in the state of California.

Our VOLOGDA® BIRCH PLYWOOD panels are produced with very little or no added urea-formaldehyde resins, which qualify for additional LEEDS points, and offer superior bonding strength to Urea based glues more commonly used in hardwood plywood. Our VOLOGDA® BIRCH PLYWOOD is certified to meet the strict emissions standards set forth by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).​

Russia currently has an estimated 22% of the world’s forest cover and more forest area than any other country in the world. The market for Baltic birch plywood in the United Kingdom has seen continuous year to year growth, as, where strength, stability, and quality are required, it could replace traditional plywood options currently available on the market. Russia currently has over 25 million hectares of FSC® certified forest land, which comprises over 18 percent of the worlds FSC® certified forests – ensuring our mill count on a long term, stable, and sustainable source of supply.

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